So, one of my first friends that I can ever remember having from when I was a 3-4 year old has asked me to make a quilt for her daughter who is turning 2 this summer.  She told me Victoria is really into Tinkerbell and purple.  I was able to find this incredible Disney Tinkerbell Line from www.fabric.com and fell in love with it myself.  It is 100% cotton, uber soft and a dream to sew.  Originally, I was going to make differnt size patches but once I received the fabric and saw how beautiful it is in real life, I knew I had to make it a stripe quilt to be able to show all the “Tinks” better.  This particular quilt is 3.5 feet in width x 5 feet in length.  Perfect size for a crib turned toddler bed. 

Here is the quilt top.  When I complete it this coming weekend (or earlier), I will update the pictures so you can all see the pretty goodness that Tinkerbell provided.



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