Quilting the Quilt

So I need some advise here.  I have this quilt top ready to be turned into a full-fledged toddler size quilt and I am stuck.  I cannot decide on the best way to actually “quilt” it.  I can easily rule out free motion quilting as my sewing machine is a 1971 Sears Kenmore ZigZag 1320 model (I think) and I cannot easily get the foot that will allow me to do this.

I could go with diamonds, squares, vertical or horizontal lines but I just can’t seem to be able to decide.  I also want to know how others keep their layers together and prevent the backing from folding over on the occasional stitch.  I use safety pins to pin all layers and I have recently contemplated spray adhesive and spray tack for fabric.  Does anyone have any experience in using this?

I would love to hear your tips on the final stages of quilting.



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3 responses to “Quilting the Quilt

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  2. Before I got Timmy I always used spray adhesive and pinned every four inches… I also kept to the basics and just framed each block and channels in the border.

  3. I just got a new quilting book (The Practical Guide to Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman) and she lays her quilt backing on the floor (she uses her kitchen floor), with the right side down. She then uses blue painter’s tape to secure the edges of the quilt back to the floor; then places the batting and quilt top on the secured back.
    Then, start at the center of the quilt, use curved safety pins, pinning through all layers, approximately every six inches. Remove the tape and you have a secure quilt sandwich, if you have done a good job smoothing and pinning.
    One of her suggestions for quilting is to make paralled lines, working from one side of the quilt to the other, about 1/2″ apart. You don’t have to worry about the lines being perfectly straight, or spaced, as the slight differences are a part of the charm of a handmade quilt! And by doing parallel lines of stitching, you may avoid the fabric folding on the underside, which happens sometimes when you cross the lines of previous stitching.
    Hope this helps!! Happy Quilting, and Bee well 🙂

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