Thank God its Friday and the weekend is finally upon us. Not that I should really be complaining as I did only work 3 days this week and with an obscene amount of vacation days this year why wouldn’t I take advantage of having short weeks and extra long weekends now and again.

I have discovered I can post from my iPhone now and it is quite easy. Not sure why I didn’t think of looking into that before. Perhaps since I am still new a smart phone it didn’t dawn on me earlier. Perhaps I had a complete brain fart or those drinks I had last weekend killed that particular brain cell that was responsible for thinking of this. And the best part is that I can either post right away or save to a draft and fix up later. My brain is going to be able to ramble away until there is nothing going on inside of it and that will take a long time!

In have to apologize to my readers. I am in the process of looking for a better Theme to use. I originally had Garland but thought it was rather blah. I changed it late last night without really looking at results. I will ensure it looks all nice and pretty this weekend. I think I like this new one so far.

Tonight is the MR’s guys night out. I get the whole house to myself. No one asking me what I am doing or who I am sewing for or asking me to put it aside to watch a movie with him. I understand his motives. He wants to spend time with me. It’s nice and he is very supportive of my hobby. I just have 2 quilts on the go for people who have paid a deposit and are anxiously waiting for them. Can’t blame me for wanting to finish them and get paid! So, when I finally get off this smelly train and get home, I am going to have a Caesar or 2 and some dinner and quilt away the night. I should be able to easily finish the Tinkerbell!


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  1. I voting for the last brain cell responcible taking a dive! Hope you enjoyed your “girls night in”!!

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