Busy Week Ahead

Happy Monday Everyone.  I am heading into month end at work and anyone who works within accounting knows how stressful and busy a time this can be.  I am having some issues figuring out how I want to quilt the Tinkerbell and have actually picked out the work I did over the weekend as I was not satisfied with it.  It is now repressed, re-pinned and hanging over the banister railing waiting for me to give it another go.

I have been drawn to this one particular blog though –Fairy Face Designs –  over the past month or so and now think I have found the way to quilt it.  I will be sewing horizontal lines one inch apart to achieve a design very similar to her Sophie’s Dreams Quilt that is absolutely beautiful – both the fabric and stitching.  Maybe I just needed to see the quilting I had in mind on a completed quilt.  I can only hope mine turns out just as nice.

The weekend was not all a waste though.  Aside from the normal routine of grocery shopping, house cleaning and going to the movies with the MR., I made some amazing progress on the Rail Fence for Tork and will have it completed and quilted by this weekend.  I did discover however, that I cannot count!  I am 6 squares short of my 48 that I counted multiple times and I swear I had the right number.  I don’t really consider this a set back though.  I will have them completed before bed tonight and sewn together with the final 1/4 panel.  Quilting this one will be a much easier task.  I have already decided to “ditch-stitch” it following the 6 inch square lines.  I think this will look great.


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