My Inspiration

Many people have asked my why I chose “Inspired” as the name for my sewing adventure. I chose it because I am inspired.

As I am standing on the platform waiting for my train to pull in, I am surrounded by the songs of the red wing black birds that are playing in the dense overgrowth alongside the tracks. I watch them zoom up and down chasing each other and this brings tranquility to my morning.

Walking out of my house this morning, I was greeted by the first blooms in my front garden. The purple iris smells like Welsh’s grape juice. This brings back a memory of when I was a child and my mom asking me if I wanted some juice. Amazing that the scent of a flower is a trigger to a long forgotten memory.  Nature and my garden inspire me and gives me peace.


My friend Stacy is an inspiration. She is making a living at her sewing and is always offering bits of advise and encouragement to keep me going.

Fabric inspires me.  I see a design and then get a completed image in my brain and I have to purchase it.

Strong women inspire me. Not physical strength, but strength to do what they want and what they need to do. Strong emotionally and mentally even if they were not always that way.  Women who will stand up for themselves and for what is right inspire me.

And most importantly, the MR. and rest of my family inspire me.  Without their belief in me and constant encouragement, I would not be where I am or who I am now.  I love you all so very much.

I am looking forward to my next sewing adventure.  Oddly enough, that is inspiring in its self.


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