Another One Bites the Dust!

My 3rd quilt since March – Tork’s Rail Fence – is finally done!  Wow!  What a lot of work and to think I did it on my 40-year-old Sears Kenmore (Kenny) Zigzag machine.  I am rather proud of myself and I have learned even more than I expected during this process.

I used 100% cotton Heritage Quilting fabric on the front and back.  The batting is 100% cotton as well.  It is the Warm and White needled cotton batting.  The thread, it is also 100% cotton.  I guess what I am saying is this chock full of natural goodness!

Tork, I hope you enjoy this quilt.



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5 responses to “Another One Bites the Dust!

  1. jennifer

    looks good you have lots of patience!

  2. Hey Kristal, knowing your dedication to whatever you do, I know I’ll enjoy it. And thank you for persevering through the difficulty caused by the size of the quilt. Much appreciated.

  3. Hi Kristal: Wow! The quilt is beautiful – perfect! Thank you. I appreciate all the work you put in. I’ll be recommending you to my friends 🙂

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