You Continue to Inspire Me

As I approach 1000 hits, I would just like to thank everyone who has made their way to my blog at sometime or another.  Four months ago when I started blogging, I never would have expected to reach a 1000 hits.  Whoever you all are, you continue to encourage me on this journey and I am pleased as pie to share whatever I can with you.

The floor is almost done.  We stopped because the Mr came down with a horrible migraine and I ended up stabbing my right index finger with a piece of wood and it has swollen to twice it size.  Ouch.  Did I mention I am right-handed? 

The throw pillow for the Mr’s mom will be done once the swelling in my finger gets better.  I am managing to type well not using that finger so maybe I can manage sewing and pinning too? Hmm…

I have a baby quilt to quote on.  The purchaser is giving it to her colleague who is due in September.  This issue I am having is the purchaser is requesting it in multiple shades of white.  Neither of us are mom’s however, I feel a plain white baby quilt will not get used too often.  Babies make messes.  They can’t help it.  That’s just how it is.  I would hate having a pretty white quilt with green strained pea stains on it.  Or worse.  You can use your imagination here.  Also, all white is kinda boring.  Aren’t colours and shapes good for baby and helps encourage stimulation?  How do I convince the purchaser to let me run with the design and make something fun and colourful?  Something that can actually be used instead of stacked in the linen closet?

I found this pattern one day while blog surfing.  Yes, we all do it.  It helps us when our brains are stuck for ideas and how to’s and to reiterate that we are not going insane or becoming hoarders with all our beautiful fabric we keep buying.  Here is the picture to the link. 

 I want to make something like this from the Moda Hullabaloo Charm Pack I have.  Maybe I can convince the purchaser to buy it once the quilt top is complete.  Any suggestions?



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2 responses to “You Continue to Inspire Me

  1. I think your idea is perfect…have you shown her the picture and the fabrics you are going to use? I can’t imagine an all-white quilt for a baby…unless it will be kept as an heirloom. Maybe that is what she wants.
    I love the fabrics in the Hullabaloo Charm Pack…and I think she will, too, when she sees them. Good luck!!
    Hope your finger gets better… 🙂

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