Back from Vacation

I realize my posts over the past 5 days have been rather light, but I was on vacation. We didn’t travel anywhere but instead had a stay-cation in our back yard. We celebrated Canada Day twice with back to back BBQ’s with friends and family on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday we took it easy and went to the Drive-in that night. On Monday, we had a BBQ for 2 and celebrated Independence Day for our American neighbours and friends. It was a great 5 days off work but it has left me longing for more days and nights in my back yard.

I miss sewing. I can’t believe how great it felt to be working on 3 quilts at the same time in the spring. My new Janome is wonderful though. I ended up using it twice during my time off. I finished the pillows for the Mr.’s mom (yes I forgot to take a picture) and for mending a shirt. I am in love with it’s walking foot and how it has a built-in 1/4″ seam guide. And it is so quiet! Last week I did manage to get about 1/4 of the quilt top done on the Sugar and Spice.

Tonight, I will be working outside for a little while washing the dirt and grime off the fence. It’s gross. I won’t lie, but the results are stunning and I love home improvement. I will post pictures in tomorrow’s blog.

The babies stole everyones attention20110705-044819.jpg

Later, the phones stole our attention…20110705-044846.jpg

And then the boys did their thing..



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2 responses to “Back from Vacation

  1. Looking at your pictures caused me to laugh out loud…I have three sons (all over 6’2″) and I could have substituted them in “the boys doing their thing” picture.
    I love your backyard… and am glad you had some vacation time with your loved ones.
    I’m finishing up my “puppy” quilt…it is for my best friend, in honor of her new home. I am going to spend the summer with her, which is good (spending time with her) and bad (not having my sewing machine)…definite withdrawals!! Meanwhile, I’m packing… 😦
    Take care!

    • Thanks Bee! My backyard is my other haven. The first being my sewing room! We built a deck that is 18′ x18′ 2 summers ago and I spend every chance I can on it. Sure we live in a cookie cutter neighbourhood, but very few people spend time in their backyards so for us, it is very quiet and peaceful and oddly private.
      A puppy quilt! How cute. I made a kitty quilt for my mom’s pets and they love it. Hoping your summer with your friend is great and relatively pain free. Maybe she has a machine there you can use? I hope you continue to blog while away. Have a great safe trip.

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