Sunday, Lazy Sunday

Yesterday, the Mr. and I rented a power washer to get the fence all cleaned up. Somehow, I ended up using it for 4 hours and he for 1. Today, every muscle in my arms hurt not to mention my bad wrist.
Today, we decided to be lazy. With the humidex bringing the temperature to hover around 40C (102F), we stayed inside most of the day watching movies.
I did get some of the embroidery done on the quilt.


And I managed to spend some time outside!





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2 responses to “Sunday, Lazy Sunday

  1. Nice embroidery work, even with an injured wrist! Did you teach yourself how to embroider, or have you taken a class? I taught myself to sew, cross-stitch, crochet, etc., just wondering because your work is very pretty.
    Your cats always cheer me up.
    As for the man of the house, I gotta hand it to you (no pun intended) for hanging in there, four hours to one?!?! Super woman! Hope it cools down soon 🙂

    • Hey Bee!
      Thanks! I had many craft projects as a child where I learned sewing, cross-stitching, wood burning art, painting etc. due to my asthma but they were all from a book or magazine or craft kit. I have developed a mental block about the crocheting as an adult though. I just can’t get it for some reason. Bugs me like crazy!
      I just hope it rains soon. I love the heat since we get 8 months of cold icy rain and snow…well, maybe not 8 months but it sure feels like it!
      My kitties are great in cheering me up. I am such an animal lover and am grateful I get a chance to love them.

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