Quilt Labels Tutorial

Not everyone has access to a machine that can embroider letters or they simply don’t want to hand embroide it. For example, me! I fall into both catagories. So, I have searched the web and found the following instructions.

How to Print a Quilt Label

Quilt labels are, usually, attached to the backside of a completed quilt. The purpose is to leave archival information on the quilt, such as the date, location, quilter’s name, quilt block name and any additional information the quilter deems interesting or necessary. Quilt labels are created in several different manners. Sometimes a separate piece of plain fabric is used to detail the information in permanent marker or embroidery. Then, the fabric is hand sewn to the quilt back. However, the information can be printed onto fabric from your computer and printer, as well.



Things You’ll Need

  • Freezer paper
  • Plain muslin or cotton fabric
  • Iron
  • Computer
  • Printer
  1. Cut a piece of freezer paper, found at your grocery store, to 8½ inches wide and 11 inches long. This is the same size as a piece of standard printer paper.

  2. Cut a piece of muslin or other plain cotton fabric larger than the freezer paper. Place the shiny side of the freezer paper onto the piece of fabric and press it with a dry iron. It will stick the two pieces together, without harming the fabric.

  3. Design your quilt label on your computer, using a word processing or other program. You can simply type out the information you wish, but you may also add a border around it for a fancier label.

  4. Place the piece of freezer paper/fabric into your printer. Make sure it is placed so the printing will appear on the fabric side. Print the label.
  5. Pull the freezer paper apart from the fabric. Discard the paper.
  6. Place a piece of scrap fabric over the printing on the label fabric and press it with a dry iron. This will set the ink, making it permanent.
  7. Cut the label, at least ½ inch larger than the outside edges of the printing. Fold the label under ¼ inch, all the way around. Hand sew the label to the back side of your quilt.
I also found this video on You-Tube with very similar instructions. Sometimes you just need to see it being done. Next step is figuring out what to say…



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2 responses to “Quilt Labels Tutorial

  1. Great tutorial – just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks 🙂

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