FNSI vs Heat Exhaustion/Dehydration

My Friday Night Sew-In got trumped by me ending up with heat exhaustion or dehydration or a bit of both.  I had a very busy week at work with extra responsibilities all around as my boss was off work all week due to a death in the family.  I was more than happy to help out during this time.

Aside from my daily accounting duties, the extra duties I picked up and programming a new help desk – oh and training a new staff member – I think the issues started on Wednesday.  I did not follow my advise very well on taking breaks and I know I didn’t have as much to drink as I normally do.

I left work early on Wednesday to make the almost 2 hour drive to the wake to support my boss and his family.  I forgot to bring water on my trip and less than 10 minutes from my destination while stopped at a red light, I was rear-ended.  I went to the wake, then the collision reporting center  and was told I have to come back as the accident was on the border of 2 towns and I had to go to the other center that was closed.  By this time, it was after 10pm.  I didn’t have dinner or anything to drink for at least a half a day.  Did I mention it was 40 C (104 F) outside with the humidity?

Thursday, I made the same trip to the funeral, then to the collision reporting center and then to a visit with my Grandparents who don’t have air conditioning.  Thursday was 48 C (118 F) and although I drank water, I was in and out all day.

Friday, I was back to my normal routine but the air conditioning at the office was having a real hard time keeping up and we all were sweltering in the heat.  That evening I planned to participate in the Friday Night Sew-In and have a nice relaxing night in after a week of insanity.  I set everything up, basted the quilt I was going to quilt and noticed I was beginning to feel off.  I was so thirsty.  I was sweating a storm in the air-conditioned house and began to feel dizzy, nauseous, light-headed and super weak.  I gave up on trying to sew, grabbed a Gatorade and watched Despicable Me. 

Saturday, I was no better.  I ended up drinking about 7 bottles of water, took multiple naps and had to force myself to eat soup for needed nourishment.  By Sunday, I was almost recovered however, I was still incredibly thirsty and drank water like it was going out of style.

Today I am still thirsty and somewhat tired.  I have had my 2+ litres of water and have definitely learned my lesson.  No matter how hectic your day is, make sure you take breaks and keep hydrated in this weather.



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7 responses to “FNSI vs Heat Exhaustion/Dehydration

  1. Oh, I am so sorry to hear what a day you had…and the next day…and the next. Take care of yourself!


  3. Where do you get your energy from? I can’t even IMAGINE doing all that and then stop to quilt too! Boy. I guess lesson learned…

    • I didn’t even mention that I go to Hot Yoga a few times a week as well! My energy comes from pure determination..er, I mean stubborness. Sometimes I just keep going until, well, until something like this happens. I take 4 or 5 day weekends each month during the summer to recoup and I eat a pretty healthy diet. I drink pop maybe twice a month. I LOVE veggies. I can’t seem to get enough of them. This summer it appears to be eggplant and asparagus and baked potatoes. I haven’t eaten red meat in about 16 years and I walk 1/2 minimum each day as well. I find most times the more active I am, the more energy I have. Quilting is relaxing for me. It shuts out the days activities at work giving me a mental break and the sound of my Janome humming and my kitty purring behind me on the chair just melts the stress away.

  4. (forgot to check the “notification” box.)

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