In over my head

What a great long weekend this has been. Four days off work, lots of sleep, helped my brother-in-law and my two nieces move into their new home and spent today watching movies with the Mr. and with today’s weather at a balmy 38C (100F), it was a good day to be lazy.

Somehow over this 4 days off, I have committed myself to making 5-7 quilts before Christmas.  And not just lap/baby quilts. These will all be double to queen size quilts…

I think this works out to be 3 weeks per quilt…oh my…gotta run.  Have quilts to plan and fabric to cut and sew…

At least I should end up with enough scraps to make my own 100 patch quilt!

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9 responses to “In over my head

  1. ONLY 5 – 7 quilts!! HAAHAA!! Good luck.. naw you can do it, I’ve got faith in ya!

    • I am still worried about it. However, I have managed to almost complete the first quilt top in under a week. Need a little more fabric but am waiting until it goes on sale on Tuesday for 40% off…

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  5. Yes…you are in over your head! But, hey, that is what we quilters do…and we love it!!
    At least you find time to snuggle with the Mr., and help others out too.
    (Including sweet emails to me!)
    Alright…now…get busy!! 🙂

  6. P.S. I am also saving scraps for my 100 patch quilt!

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