WIP Wednesday

Here is my weekly WIP list.  I don’t feel overwhelmed about it.  Perhaps it has not hit me yet.  I plan to have 2 quilts completed and fabric for #3 cut out by the end of August.  Maybe even more.  I am being very optimistic about this.

* Covered kitty bed with removable washable pillow for Mom’s Maine Coon Kitties – I hope to do this over the weekend.
* Quilt 1 – Fabric Selected – Will call this Splash – I have sewn almost 1/4 of the quilt top
* Quilt 2 – Fabric Selected – It think it will be called Spots and Dots..still thinking about that name
* Quilt 3 – I have some fluorescent green, pink and orange.  hmmm..
* Quilt 4 –
* Quilt 5 –
* Quilt 6 – if time permits before Christmas
* Quilt 7 – if time permits before Christmas
* Beach Bag
* Wallet
* Sleep masks ’cause our bedroom faces south and having 2 cats, closed blinds and an open window at night doesn’t mix. They make sooo much noise climbing behind them so we are sleeping with them partially open.




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2 responses to “WIP Wednesday

  1. Boy! Quite an aggressive timetable. This is good tho. I should do the same with all the projects I have dancing in my head! 😉 Stay tuned…

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