Big Quilt Project – #1 Splash

I did it! I completed this quilt top in under 8 hours! Whoo Hoo! I said they were going to be simple designs to help with my sanity..err, I mean to be able to complete all 5 prior to Christmas. The finished size is approximately 50″x60″ but I am thinking it should be bigger so it can be used on a double bed. Perhaps a one foot border in green or blue around the entire quilt? Here is the finished (or almost finished?) quilt top. Yay me! If I keep them all this simple, I will be done in no time!!




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8 responses to “Big Quilt Project – #1 Splash

  1. That is a cool looking quilt. I love the diagonal stripe look.

  2. What a pretty quilt. All the colors are so calm and soothing. I love the bright blue, and could see a shade like that as the border. It would almost ‘contain’ the quilt. If you use one of the lighter greens as a border, the quilt would probably look bigger. Either way, it will be beautiful.

    • I looked for the bright blue but couldn’t find the right shade. I did however find an olive green that matches one of the green identically and make the quilt look a bit more sophisticated. I am happy with it and can’t wait to sew it on. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Very lovely -can’t wait to see it with the border! Please show it when done.

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