WIP Wednesday

I have been quite overwhelmed and overworked and overstressed – to the point of wanting to quit my job but with a mortgage and I really want to keep my house, I got some workplace organization advice and chatted with the boss and we are working through it. That is the reason I have not posted much in the past week or done a lot of sewing either. I had to take it easy on all areas if my life and try to regain a bit of my sanity back. I work hard. I play hard. I have a hard time finding the balance.

Here is my weekly WIP list.

* Covered kitty bed – I had designed this with my mom over the weekend but now I am second guessing it and have sketched something else out. Need to scan it and send to mom for approval since it’s for her fur babies!
* Quilt 1 – Fabric Selected – Will call this Splash – I have sewn almost 4/5 of the quilt top – just have to do the border.
* Quilt 2 – Fabric Selected – Not sure what to call it. Very bright. I have this quilt top approximately 1/2+ done.
* Quilt 3 – Chocolate and pink jelly roll
* Quilt 4 – no clue yet
* Quilt 5 – no clue on this one either
* Quilt 6 – if time permits before Christmas
* Quilt 7 – if time permits before Christmas
* Beach Bag
* Wallet
* Sleep masks

And with all that, I am off to my Hot Yoga class to decompress and detox from the past week. And a quick thanks to Donna!


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