In Loving Memory of my Opa

On September 2nd, my Opa – Heinz Frederick Dolde passed away in his sleep peacefully from cancer.  He was just shy of 81 years.

My Grandfather taught me many things in life, but mostly how to love and that it was ok to make mistakes as long as you learned from them.  He taught me the importance of living a healthy active life.  He taught me about so much about life and he made the best potato pancakes in the world.

I know I am blessed to have had him in my life for almost 36 years.  Not everyone is that lucky.  It just hurts so much now that he is gone.

Rest in Peace Opa. I miss you and I love you.




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4 responses to “In Loving Memory of my Opa

  1. I’m sorry for your loss… you are blessed by having had such a great Opa!!

  2. My sympathy. So glad you had him for so many years. Lots of time to build memories and share potato pancakes (one of my favorite things). If you have his recipe, do share it, and we can all share the memory with you.

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