WIP Wednesday on Thursday

Ok.  So I am a date late in posting my WIP.  I really didn’t realize that yesterday was Wednesday and then Thursday just popped out of nowhere and slapped me in the face!  Sewing has been slow for me the past little while.  I was working overtime and then my Grandfather passed away.  I needed to take some time for me.  Now, I am back in business and between yoga, swimming and exercising, oh ya and work, I vow to find time to blog and sew again. Train rides home from work sound like an ideal blog time.

Here is my list.  Not much has been completed since I last posted though.  I am still hopeful that I will get the 5 quilts done by Christmas.  Oi vey…

* Quilt 1 – Splash – just need to sew on the border
* Quilt 2 – Unnamed still – just need to sew on the border
* Quilt 3 – Pink Passion – backing and batting all ready. Hoping to pin all 3 layers together tonight and maybe even start FMQ-ing it, but I can do that tomorrow night for my Friday Night Sew-In!
* Quilt 4 – no clue yet
* Quilt 5 – no clue yet
* Covered Kitty Bed
* Quilt 6 – if time permits before Christmas
* Quilt 7 – if time permits before Christmas
* Beach Bag
* Wallet
* Sleep masks


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