The Big Quilt Project – Update

It’s been a while since my last post and I thought you all deserved an update on my progress.  I am behind schedule.  I was hoping to have at least 2 completely done by now and good progress on the third.  I have 14 vacation days to use this year still, so I am thinking of taking one or two days just to get caught up on my projects.

  • Quilt # 1 – Splash – Need to cut and attach the border, then quilt
  • Quilt # 2 – Unnamed – Need to cut and attach the border, then quilt.  It’s the picture on the left when you click the link – Help me name it!
  • Quilt # 3 – Sophisti-Pink – This has been quilted!  Just need to to the border and voila!
  • Quilt # 4 – Unnamed – Bought some really nice solid blue and blue gingham for 50% off and I have the pattern seleted
  • Quilt # 5 – Unnamed – Need to buy fabric still

I have FMQ’d the Sophisti-Pink and being I have only done this on kitty blankets, I found it rather challenging.  I know all my stitches are not perfect but I still think it looks pretty great.  The recipient will like and enjoy it and thats all that matters.  I think I am moving the fabric to fast.  The other issue is the weight and size made it hard for me to move it around easily.  I folded it.  I rolled it. I could just not get it to groove the way I wanted it to.  Does anyone have any tips that work well for them?




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