Big Quilt Project – Quilt #1 – Splash

I have finally sewn the border on the “Splash” and am now ready to sandwich and free motion quilt this puppy. I am 3 weeks behind my estimated schedule to get 5-7 quilts done by Christmas.
My next two, I have the fabric for but no design yet. I want something simple due to my time constraints. The fabric is solid blue and solid white with a matching blue gingham. Guess I’m surfing the net after this for something quick and fun!
Sorry I have not been posting much lately. I have been hit with a case of life happens and needed to focus on being healthy and something had to take the back-burner while I tried to regain my sanity although I am still working on that part!




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2 responses to “Big Quilt Project – Quilt #1 – Splash

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