Big Quilt Project – I need your help!

I am working on the 4th quilt of my Big Quilt Project where 5-7 quilts need to be completed by Christmas and I really need your assistance.  I bought these 3 fabrics and they looked great in the fabric store but now I am not sure.  I decided on a design and now I am triple guessing myself.

Here is the original design.  I don’t like it so much.







Here is an alternate option.  Not so bad.







And another one.  I think this might be my favourite.







And a final one.  I like this one too.  Perhaps this could be the 5th quilt I need to make.







Both of these quilts are for men.  What do you think?



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5 responses to “Big Quilt Project – I need your help!

  1. I vote for your favourite. Wonder if the checkerboard nine patches might be able to be used as a border. I think that might work. What do you think?

  2. stitchinstein

    I like the original, with one change. Rotate one of the triangle units so all 4 sides of the 9 patch are surrounded by the same fabric. It will make a secondary design and look like the quilt is on point.

    Looks great!


  3. I know I am late in responding and I’m sure you’ve made your decision…just want you to know I’m thinking of you and hoping you are having a peaceful night. I think whatever design you choose will be perfect! You are really taking on alot of sewing, Missy 🙂
    I am making pillows for my nieces…it is a nice break from working on quilts…I’ll share pics with you via email.
    Get some rest, don’t overdo…and may God shine His face on you!

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