WIP Wednesday

Hey everyone! I know I have been quite silent on my blog over the past couple months. I have been busy sewing on the Big Quilt Project.
You know. The one where I threw all sanity and reason out the window and agreed to make 5 quilts by Christmas. The project I started in September?
Well, tonight I have completed them. I have the last one in the wash as I type this and I need to clip the stray threads off them.
Finished in the nick of time. I am looking forward to taking a small break from sewing and catch up on some reading over the Christmas break.

Pictures have been taken but I am too tired to upload them tonight. I will have them posted in a day!

I can’t believe I did it!



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2 responses to “WIP Wednesday

  1. I knew you could do it, Kristal! Great job 🙂
    Been thinking of you and praying you have a blessed Christmas.
    Take care!

  2. Congratulations–and I hope you get some rest for Christmas!

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