Where’s the snow?

Today, the forecast called for 10-15 cm of snow. There were severe snow warning alerts issued since last night. We only received a light dusting in the early morning hours and then rain all day with temperatures hovering between 0-5C (32-41F) and I am not complaining one bit! For me, this has been a great winter so far. Very mild, little snow. Makes me happy!

Today, I chose to work on things that will benefit me directly at work. The company purchased a new help desk some time ago and it fell upon me to set it up and customize it to fit our organization. It is far from being complete and the focus in the past has been on the ticketing aspect of the system. This program integrates with our accounting system and “should” automate the billing reducing my work effort at month end. It does not yet, but I have started the process and it felt great to be doing something that will directly help me. Once I complete this on Monday, I hope to shave an entire day off my tedious month end invoicing routine. Fingers are crossed!

Last night the cake called louder then the sewing machine. Tonight, there is no more cake and I am ready to sew. I have actually found a pattern on-line for a bag that I really like. I think I will add it to my to-do list. But first, I have to finish the kitty couch!

Day # 2 of 39


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