Cranky with a bit of happy

It’s funny how many emotions a person can feel in a day. Today, I started out cranky. I made breakfast, showered and then headed out to a fabric and craft store with the Mr. This definitely brightened my mood. We went window shopping after and had a great afternoon full of laughs.
Tonight is the Mr.’s guys night out. I was a bit down that he was going out because we had a great afternoon, but I already knew of his plans. I took a nap. And I ate junk. And I was bored. And I have aches and pains that I cant explain. Seems like today is ending the same way as it started. Cranky.

Day # 3 of 39



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2 responses to “Cranky with a bit of happy

  1. Bee

    I can’t help it, Kristal…you got me laughing out loud! You sound just like me–napping, eating junk, being bored, cranky and in pain. Hope you don’t mind if I smile a bit…don’t take it the wrong way 😉
    Love you! Bee

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