I need sewing help!

Hey all you sewing people out there! I need some advice. I have a pattern for a small dog that I need to make into a big dog pattern. I have all the necessary measurements and after doing the math, I need to make it 4.5 inches larger all around.

So, below you will see the outline of the original size. Then you will see that I have added the extra length on the sides. That’s where my confusion begins. How do I handle the leg holes? Do I leave them as is? And the neck? Am I correct to add the 2.25 inches above that?

Just a big mental block I am having. I appreciate ANY advice.

Here is the underside of it.





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2 responses to “I need sewing help!

  1. I don’t have experience in sewing for doggies, but I do have experience in sewing for kids and chances are you will need to adjust the leg holes as well. When I size up a diaper pattern, I normally have to make the leg openings bigger too.

  2. RO

    You usually make everything bigger when you make your pattern on a particular scale.. I usually draw on 1/4 scale and then I just make everything 4 times as big 😉 Don’t really know how to handle that in making stuff for dogs though….

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