That Man Does Not Deserve Space in My Head

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Ray the Vicktory Dog


Most days I can pretend that Michael Vick doesn’t exist.  When Ray was alive I would look at him and see that he never spent a single moment of the day thinking about his past abuse.  Vick had ceased to exist as far as he was concerned.  And that is truly what I strive for.  Most days….

But then something happens.  Something like Vick being signed to the Steelers.  It is hard to ignore the man when he is everywhere in the news and on social media.  His supporters rabidly contend “he has done his time” and “everyone deserves a second chance”.  At the same time, dog advocates are showing horrible photos of his dogs and screaming for his head.

This is the one and only time I will address this situation publicly.  I will not share or comment on anything having to do with Michael Vick, ever again.  He doesn’t…

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