About Me

I am 30-something and I like to sew.  I blame on the 2 most important women in my life. 🙂 My Mom and my Oma (Mom’s mom).

Growing up I can scarcely remember a night where Mom wasn’t puttering around doing something.  She would knit, crochet, needle point, paint, sew, cross-stitch, bake and garden and hold down a job while raising 2 children.  Amazing I tell you.

My Oma, she is the sweetest Grandma in the world.  She is the Grand Master of knitting and crocheting and quite often would crochet multiple blankets to send back to her siblings in Germany in under a month.  To me, this is incredible.  She must be a super hero hiding under vast amounts of wool to accomplish this.

Because of these 2 incredible inspiring women, I have been inflicted with the crafters bug my entire life.  I enjoy sewing.  I am drawn to creativity and random acts of kindness and many things inspire me.  I want to share this with you.

I also have an insane passion for animals and their welfare.  I wish I could change the world’s view on compassionate animal care.  Animals have souls, share the world with us, yet have less rights than the dirt under your shoes.

Happy Reading.  I welcome your comments, criticisms and corrections of any posts I make as long as they are respectful.



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