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My week in a nutshell and FSNI results

Ok.  So I forgot it was Friday and I forgot it was the Friday for the Friday Night Sew-In.  It has been a whirlwind rollercoaster ride the past 6 days.  Six days ago I found out my Mom has a brain and lung tumor and was having emergency brain surgery to remove the tumor.  Her health is very good aside from this.  The Head of Neurology was going to do the surgery and assured my parents he has removed hundreds of these types and that there was an almost perfect success rate.I decided I needed to make her a quilt.  I had some jelly rolls so I thought a simple lap size line quilt would be perfect.  The Mr. convinced me to make it big.  I didn’t have enough backing for a large quilt, so I rushed off to Walmart and purchased a 300 thread count flat king sheet.  I got this far prior to the surgery.  Its sitting on my queen size bed.  It will be approximately 65 x 80 inches or thereabout.

Mom had her surgery on Wednesday. I was and still am in shock.  Stunned. Scared.  It’s not something that is easy to process and I can’t imagine how it has been for her.  Lucikly, the tumor was not in her brain.  Only pushing against it.  The surgery took 1 hour and 45 minutes in total.  Twenty-four hours after the surgery, she was up walking and climbing stairs.  Assisted by her Physio Therapist of course, but mobile so fast.  Mom wa discharged today.  Discharged 48 hours after having brain surgery.  I am in awe at the level of care she received and how great she is doing.  She has definately exceeded my expectations.  My mom is my hero.  The strongest person I know.   Tonight, I managed to free motion half the quilt.  I wanted to present it to her tomorrow.  She knows about.  She will just have to wait another couple days for me to complete it.

I love you mom!

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FNSI Results

Last night I participated in the Friday Night Sew-In.   I had many projects to complete but chose to complete this purple and green sling bag.   It has a magnetic closure, a large zipper pocket and a standard size regular pocket. Very simple, but I am glad I completed it as I sold it shortly after.   A very successful night to ease back into sewing.  Oh, and sorry for the poor quality of the picture.  Too lazy to get the good camera out.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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I need your opinion

I am making a baby/toddler quilt for a baby who is not born yet. I like to think that this is something the child will be able to use up until they are grown or until the quilt falls apart. It will be approximately 3 feet x 5 feet. A very versatile size. I was asked to make this as a gift from the “cats” and to include cats and girl colours.

The top fabric is the main pattern and will be cut to have 4 or 5 strips. The bottom fabric is the backing.


Then, I thought 2 inch squares between the rows of cats would be pretty cool. This is where the problem began. I have too many options.

Option 1 –


Option 2 –


Option 3 –


Option 4 –


Option 5 –


Of course I will be asking the gifter what one she prefers, but I also want your opinions please.

Advice is greatly appreciated.


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FSNI Results: My Quilt is finally done

I participated in the Friday Night Sew In this afternoon.  I had a wisdom tooth pulled yesterday and wanted to sew while I had energy and before I took my evening pain killers, so I sewed mid afternoon.

I had started this quilt in December 2010 as my first quilt and before I started blogging or buying insane amounts of fabric.  Before I really knew how to quilt.  I made some errors first time around but that taught me not to do them on all the subsequent quilts I have made and sold or gifted.  It has been sitting in the closet for months begging to be completed.  Always on the back of my mind.  I might have finished it earlier if not for the kitchen painting and tiling and deck staining that has been occupying my time.

But I am one who hates to leave a project unfinished no matter how long ago I started it.  I had finished free motion quilting it on Wednesday night and all that was left was to trim and bind.  Not a whole lot of work, but it my current condition, I am amazed I got it done.

Pardon the cat climbing under the left corner.

And ignore the lump from the cat hiding under the quilt.

And ignore the cat at the bottom of the quilt trying to climb it.


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Of Mice and Bags

These are the projects I have been working on lately.

Catnip stuffed mice for 4 lucky kitties.  They are not stuffed here yet.

Sling Bag for Mother’s Day

Makeup bag for Mother’s Day

Sling Bag Birthday Present for Tiese

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Kitty Couch

It’s been a great week for me. My mood is good. I have more energy than normal and I have reacquainted myself with my sewing machine!

My parents are winter Texans and last year they brought home meters upon meters if fabric for me with a simple request of making a bed for one of their cats. Almost a year has passed and this past week I have fulfilled their request.
Buster, and his sister Dusty are Maine
Coons. Dusty is an average size cat. Buster, well, he is 25 pounds and is 42 inches long and is NOT overweight. Here they are laying on a kitty quilt I made them in the summer.


I decided not to make a typical cat bed as Buster is not a typical cat. I found and purchased the pattern and followed the directions to the most part. It called for lining to hold the foam beads used in bean bag chairs. I will not use lining again for this. The static between the two is horrible and the lining is annoying to work with. Inexpensive broadcloth would have worked much better. Here are the insides. The outer fabric is removable for washing and all the pieces are held together with 2 inch strips of Velcro.


And here is the finished product already being used by my little munchkin!


The bed is 2.5 feet long and is 8 inches off the floor. I am definately making another one and know what minor changes in the pattern to make it easier to put together. Buster, hope you like it but until you get home in 3 weeks, Binky is going to test it out for you!

Day 17 of 39


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Friday Night Sew-In

I am participating in the Friday Night Sew-In today and it couldn’t have come at a better time.  I have two quilts that need the 2 backing pieces sewn together and then they need to be sandwiched and pinned and FMQ’d.  I also have the fifth and final quilt to the Big Quilt Project that needs to be started.  The fabric is on the cutting board and the pattern is simple.  Alternating 3 inch blocks.  Simple.  Very nice results and quilt easy to get results as I am sewing 5 x 3.5 strips of fabric together, then cutting into the blocks.  I will probably  even get assistance from my little helper!

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Cut, sew, press repeat

Cut, sew and press. Then repeat. This is what I have been doing for the past week and a half. I have made 8 of these 100 patch squares so far and I believe I need 4 more to complete this quilt top!



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Friday Night Sew-In Results – Quilt #4

Tonight, of all the projects I have on the go, I began a new quilt!  This is quilt # 4 of my Big Quilt Project where I need to have 5-7 quilts completed by Christmas.  Quilts 1 & 2 are completed and # 3 needs to be sandwiched, but I did not feel like doing that tonight.

I began by cutting a lot of 6.25 inch squares then I cut them into quarters.








After this was done, I sewed them together to get half squares.  Then ironed them.  Then sewed each half together to get 42 5.25 inch (I think) squares.  I remembered tonight how much I hate ironing things but am glad I am starting to make progress on this one finally.  The fabric has been taunting me for 3 weeks.






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Friday Night Sew-In

I am participating in the Friday Night Sew-In as soon as I get home from work.

Tonight, I will either sandwich and begin quilting the Splash, begin working on a new quilt that is part of the Big Quilt Project or perhaps work on a secret project but then I can’t tell you about it until the recipient receives it.  I am glad hockey season is upon us now.  It keeps the Mr. occupied and gives me more sewing time!

Happy sewing tonight!

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