FNSI Results

Last night I participated in the Friday Night Sew-In.   I had many projects to complete but chose to complete this purple and green sling bag.   It has a magnetic closure, a large zipper pocket and a standard size regular pocket. Very simple, but I am glad I completed it as I sold it shortly after.   A very successful night to ease back into sewing.  Oh, and sorry for the poor quality of the picture.  Too lazy to get the good camera out.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



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It’s Friday, Friday, Friday…

It’s been a while since I have blogged or participated in the Friday Night Sew-In, but that is exactly what I am going to do tonight.  I have been on a sewing slump.  Too much fabric and not enough ideas or motivation and a large mending and scrap cutting pile begging for my attention.  Last night I tackled them and got all my scraps cut and mending mended.  Tonight, I have many things I could do.  I could finish the picnic blanket quilt top I started over a year ago or finish a half made sling bag.  I have some fabric to “try” and make doggie boots for the winter and a greatful tester to try them out since I don’t have a dog.  I am also looking at making some small Christmas gifts, and I have a lovely pattern named “This and That” that I won from Wedding Dress Blue back in July.  I also have a friend on Facebook that has designed a simple yet beautiful quilt who is providing me with measurements.

So, it’s time to shut the computer off and head home from work to have some quality time with the sewing machine.

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Please help where ever you are. If you can’t adopt, donate. Local shelters are always in need of blankets, food, treats and toys. Any bit helps the animals in need.

Hope for Romanian Strays

Hello I am The Don and I am a rather handsome, portly ex-RSPCA cat now living in Switzerland.  My mother is a big fan of Hope for Strays and asked if I could do a guest blog post to share my story with you.  She says adopted me was the best thing she ever did – and I have to agree with her!


I was a “well built” (some would say podgy but I say I am a growing lad) 8 year old chap who had been with the RSPCA sometime and had been in foster care for at least 6 months before my mum came along.      She says she has no idea why I was homeless for so long as I am an adorable, cuddly and highly loving cat and she fell in love with me the day I was brought to my new forever home with her…

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I need your opinion

I am making a baby/toddler quilt for a baby who is not born yet. I like to think that this is something the child will be able to use up until they are grown or until the quilt falls apart. It will be approximately 3 feet x 5 feet. A very versatile size. I was asked to make this as a gift from the “cats” and to include cats and girl colours.

The top fabric is the main pattern and will be cut to have 4 or 5 strips. The bottom fabric is the backing.


Then, I thought 2 inch squares between the rows of cats would be pretty cool. This is where the problem began. I have too many options.

Option 1 –


Option 2 –


Option 3 –


Option 4 –


Option 5 –


Of course I will be asking the gifter what one she prefers, but I also want your opinions please.

Advice is greatly appreciated.


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Happy 81st Birthday Oma!

Today, my brother and his fiance and my husband and I are taking out Oma for an 81st birthday lunch.  This is her first birthday after Opa passed away in September so we wanted to surround her with love.  Happy Birthday Oma and many more.  We love you!

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FSNI Results: My Quilt is finally done

I participated in the Friday Night Sew In this afternoon.  I had a wisdom tooth pulled yesterday and wanted to sew while I had energy and before I took my evening pain killers, so I sewed mid afternoon.

I had started this quilt in December 2010 as my first quilt and before I started blogging or buying insane amounts of fabric.  Before I really knew how to quilt.  I made some errors first time around but that taught me not to do them on all the subsequent quilts I have made and sold or gifted.  It has been sitting in the closet for months begging to be completed.  Always on the back of my mind.  I might have finished it earlier if not for the kitchen painting and tiling and deck staining that has been occupying my time.

But I am one who hates to leave a project unfinished no matter how long ago I started it.  I had finished free motion quilting it on Wednesday night and all that was left was to trim and bind.  Not a whole lot of work, but it my current condition, I am amazed I got it done.

Pardon the cat climbing under the left corner.

And ignore the lump from the cat hiding under the quilt.

And ignore the cat at the bottom of the quilt trying to climb it.


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Of Mice and Bags

These are the projects I have been working on lately.

Catnip stuffed mice for 4 lucky kitties.  They are not stuffed here yet.

Sling Bag for Mother’s Day

Makeup bag for Mother’s Day

Sling Bag Birthday Present for Tiese

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The Story of Snow

We must take a stance against animal cruelty.

Devilish Dexter

This is the story of Snow.  No one knows where he came from or how he got there.  We can only speculate.  This is not a story for the weary, but it is also not a story to be ignored.

Snow was first discovered hiding in a backyard by a young couple on April 4th, 2012 in Sterling Heights, Michigan.  They began feeding him and contacted Laura Wilhelm-Bruzek of Paws for the Cause Feral Cat Rescue for help as they could see that he was injured.  He was caught within 24 hours and rushed to the vet.  The vets believe his paws were tied together with a rope and a chemical, such as acid, was poured on him.  He had inches of dead rotting flesh hanging from his neck and his eyes were burned.  The vets recommendation was for him to be put to sleep.

Snow as he was named showed he…

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Bag Blogger

I have been a bad blogger.  I apologize.  I have been following through with my goal of feelings, I just haven’t posted about it.  I have finally allowed myself to grieve and cry over the loss of my Opa.  I have learned that I can still cry and be strong and that in itself is a wonderful realization.

I have been busy though.  I have been sewing. I bought myself a Kobo e-reader and am reading a lot again.  Both of my cats are making sure I spend ample quality time with them and the home renovation saga continues.  Kitchen tiles need the grouting completed, ceiling and walls need painting and wallpaper accent wall needs to get done.  Oh, and the trim needs painting too.  And this is only in the kitchen!

I have been to the doctor and tested negative for Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis, but I now need to see a Rheumatologist to figure out what is causing the pain flare-ups.  Good and bad news right?

But now, it’s time for bed.  Hope you all have a peaceful evening and I promise to try to post more often and promise to post pictures soon of my projects.  Some are gifts and I can’t post until they are received!

In the words of a dear blogger friend, Bee Well.


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Kitty Couch

It’s been a great week for me. My mood is good. I have more energy than normal and I have reacquainted myself with my sewing machine!

My parents are winter Texans and last year they brought home meters upon meters if fabric for me with a simple request of making a bed for one of their cats. Almost a year has passed and this past week I have fulfilled their request.
Buster, and his sister Dusty are Maine
Coons. Dusty is an average size cat. Buster, well, he is 25 pounds and is 42 inches long and is NOT overweight. Here they are laying on a kitty quilt I made them in the summer.


I decided not to make a typical cat bed as Buster is not a typical cat. I found and purchased the pattern and followed the directions to the most part. It called for lining to hold the foam beads used in bean bag chairs. I will not use lining again for this. The static between the two is horrible and the lining is annoying to work with. Inexpensive broadcloth would have worked much better. Here are the insides. The outer fabric is removable for washing and all the pieces are held together with 2 inch strips of Velcro.


And here is the finished product already being used by my little munchkin!


The bed is 2.5 feet long and is 8 inches off the floor. I am definately making another one and know what minor changes in the pattern to make it easier to put together. Buster, hope you like it but until you get home in 3 weeks, Binky is going to test it out for you!

Day 17 of 39


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