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WIP Wednesday


As the end of my 4th quilt since March – The Tinkerbell – is here, I am filled with emotions I never expected when I began this journey.  Finishing and delivering 2 quilts in less than a week has somehow made me feel empty.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I am not saying my life is empty.  The Mr and the kitties and the rest of my family are what I live for and they fill me with more joy everyday, but there is a little empty now where the quilts used to be.  They have left me for their new homes and hopefully to be enjoyed for many years.

To fill this empty, I need more projects.  Here is what I have come up with:

  • 2 throw pillows for the Mr’s mom – thinking something like Amy Butler‘s Hourglass Pillows
  • Covered kitty bed with removable washable pillow for Mom’s Maine coons
  • Beach bag
  • Wallet
  • Baby Quilt
  • Amy Butler’s Lotus Quilt 

The only bad thing about this is I am on a fabric buying freeze for a little while.  I get to make the Amy Butler patterns, just not with her fabric.  The Mr. has kaibashed me in buying fabric for a little while as we just purchased a new floor, a new used car for me and a new SEWING MACHINE for me.  At least I have close to 300 meters of fabric to work with until I am allowed to buy again and moving from a 40 yr old machine with cams to a computerized machine will take a little getting used to.

Happy Hump Day Everyone.  The weekend is just around the corner.


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Backyard Quilting

It’s the last few hours before the weekend begins and I am chock full of conflict on how to spend my glorious two days off work.

This weekend, my local overpriced fabric store has a members save 50% sale and of course I am a member. I will be visiting them on my way home from work tonight. 🙂

I discovered a sewing store about 20 minutes from home that is having a one day sale on Janome sewing machines where you can save up to 75%. They also are having a sale on Amy Butler fabric. How can I not go to this event?

But the real conflict is spending time outside on the patio enjoying the weather or sewing. It would be a dream to do both! Move the Kenny (my sewing machine) outside and stitch away. I have the perfect place. Under the umbrella sitting at the patio table. We have the extension cords and outdoor electrical outlets. It could be done. The table is large enough that I could cut fabric for my next design being that the rail fence and the Tinkerbell are on the last stages of completion.

Or is this just a pipe dream? Is quilting in your backyard a feasible option?

What do you think?

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