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My Poor Abandoned First Quilt

Back in December, I decided I was going to start a small side business/hobby of making quilts, purses, pillows and whatever else my brain fancied on that given day. Over the next 3 months, I went shopping. Shopping for fabric, fabric and more fabric. I now have about 300 meters (328 yards) of fabric all piled up in my guest bedroom closet and have only completed 1 quilt and have 3 in progress that only need to be quilted to be finished.

I decided that I should be my first customer. I have a quilt my Mom made me one year for Christmas, but the MR. seems to have taken ownership of it now and the crocheted afghan my Oma gave me was too hot to be used on the couch while watching movies.

I purchased a bunch of fat quarters – I don’t remember how many now – and decided to cut them all up in smaller pieces of 3 x 5 and sew them together and I assumed I would get this done in a week. See, I had sewn on and off my entire life that I can remember and guess I was feeling a bit cocky and full of myself.

First, I began by serging all 4 sides and then sewing each piece together. Then I graduated to serging 2 pieces together after they had been sewn together. D’uh right? I did this for the entire quilt top thinking it was a normal thing to do. When the quilt top was finished, I put it away and took up fabric buying as my habit. During the time between finishing my quilt top and starting on the Wedding Quilt, my mother in law moved in for a few months and I spent my evenings surfing and reading about quilts and sewing and such.

After she moved into her new apartment, I turned the guest bedroom into my sewing room/guest bedroom. I began the wedding quilt and received 2 orders – Tinkerbell and Rail Fence. With the 2 months of research, I learned that serging a quilt is pointless, useless and a complete waste of your time. The quilting that you do on top holds everything in place and being your ends are nicely protected by the batting, the threat of the fabric fraying and eventually destroying your quilt are non-existent. I realized I was a complete dork for doing it this way but lesson learned and it’s all about learning from your mistakes right?

Here is my poor purple abandoned quilt. She might be ready for winter!




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Kitty Kat-Nip Blanket

I love my cats. My cats love cat nip. I hate the mess but I just can’t say no when they are purring up a storm and doing figure eights around my legs as if saying “please mama. More nip. I promise not to make a mess this time”.   And, of course, I succumb to their wish only to have to haul out the vacuum an hour later scaring the stoned little monsters into the dark cold damp corners of the basement. Here is my solution. I made a little blankie for them that has a zipper and lined with quilting batting where you can put the cat nip inside for their enjoyment. I am happy. Kitties are happily stoned and not hiding from the vacuum.


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