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#BoycottBiyadhoo in the Maldives

A friend who vacationed on Biyadhoo Island in the Maldives this past December encountered the abuse of animals.  Her snippet of paradise was turned into a vacation in Hell.  It was discovered that friendly cats and kittens were intentionally having limbs broken and being sent to neighbouring Villivaru Island.  An island that would have little to no fresh water or food available for these animals to survive causing them to potentially starve to death.

Here is the link to her story #BoycottBiyadhoo and to the petition she started Rescue-blue-from-an-agonizing-death.

Below is her story:

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Neko Flies Cat Toy Giveaway

It’s no lie. I love cats. I love them when they are putting their paws in front of the moving rotary cutting tool, pawing at the sewing needle as it speeds up and down and even when they try to eat thread and get mad at me when I take it away. I am always looking for new interesting toys to keep my bratty one occupied when I was told about Neko Flies Cat Toys.

A great website called Cat Wisdom 101 is hosting a Neko Flies giveaway. It ends midnight EST, May 16, 2013 and the winner will be announced on May 17, 2013.

Here is their link. Go check it out!

And here is my bratty cat checking out the top of the door and a sewing project.


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Friday Night Sew-In

Geez! I almost missed this month’s sign-up for the Friday Night Sew-In. This week has just flown by and with a funeral, a car accident (yes, you read correct – my new car and I were rear-ended at a red light), a visit to the police, mutiple calls to the insurance company, chasing butterflies and a nice visit with the Grandparents I have no idea how I remembered this.

Tonight, I plan on quilting the Sugar and Spice. I was going to free motion it, however I have changed my mind and will do boxes and straight lines to match the fabric layout.

I think the kitten might get other ideas about how I am to spend my time though….



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That Darn Cat…Again!

I am making a little thank you kitty quilt for a lady who keeps buying items from me. She has 3 cats that she refers to as her children and I think she will excited to receive this.
I decided this was also a good practice piece for free motion quilting.

Binks decided to check out my progress and see if I was doing it correct.


After the inspection of my stitching techniques, he decided to give it a test run.


How can I get anything done when he is being so adorable?


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That Darn Cat!

I tried to take a picture of the quilt top without my kitty Binks, but he would have no such thing tonight.
Option 4 is the design that won. The top is close to being done and hopefully will be by end of weekend. Phew! I got my daily post in before midnight!



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I think my Kitten is a Demon!

My kitten, Dex aka Binks has an incredible zest for life. There is nothing he cannot find joy in.

He was adopted from the humane society at 2 months old. When we arrived back home and took him out of his carrier, he stood looking around, let out a wild meow and began a 2 year playing and running streak with no end in sight!

Lately, the little monster has been experiencing some new things. He loves and goes nuts for strawberries. He also eats apples, carrots, oranges, grapefruit and honeydew melons. He does not just sniff them, he take bites from them if you let him.

When trimming Binks and his sisters claws, he eats he clippings. He chews his own claws on a daily basis. He tries to eat whiskers that have fallen out.

Over the weekend I gave myself a pedicure. He fought me for my toenail clippings and succeeded in eating some before I could wrestle them away.

I think my kitten is a demon. He eats toenails. That’s the only logical explanation I can come up with. Definitely a demon.

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My Little Helper

Meet my kitten Binky. Tonight, he helped me hold fabric in place by laying on it as I was trying to cut it. He hung out on the ironing board stretching his paws out to tap my shoulder, arm, head.. He brought my 5 different coloured mouse toys to play fetch with and then decided I was working to hard and curled up for a nap on my lap while I was trying to sew. His plan for attention won me over. I stopped sewing and he continued sleeping. What a little monster!

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Kitty Kat-Nip Blanket

I love my cats. My cats love cat nip. I hate the mess but I just can’t say no when they are purring up a storm and doing figure eights around my legs as if saying “please mama. More nip. I promise not to make a mess this time”.   And, of course, I succumb to their wish only to have to haul out the vacuum an hour later scaring the stoned little monsters into the dark cold damp corners of the basement. Here is my solution. I made a little blankie for them that has a zipper and lined with quilting batting where you can put the cat nip inside for their enjoyment. I am happy. Kitties are happily stoned and not hiding from the vacuum.


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