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I need sewing help!

Hey all you sewing people out there! I need some advice. I have a pattern for a small dog that I need to make into a big dog pattern. I have all the necessary measurements and after doing the math, I need to make it 4.5 inches larger all around.

So, below you will see the outline of the original size. Then you will see that I have added the extra length on the sides. That’s where my confusion begins. How do I handle the leg holes? Do I leave them as is? And the neck? Am I correct to add the 2.25 inches above that?

Just a big mental block I am having. I appreciate ANY advice.

Here is the underside of it.





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FSNI Results: My Quilt is finally done

I participated in the Friday Night Sew In this afternoon.  I had a wisdom tooth pulled yesterday and wanted to sew while I had energy and before I took my evening pain killers, so I sewed mid afternoon.

I had started this quilt in December 2010 as my first quilt and before I started blogging or buying insane amounts of fabric.  Before I really knew how to quilt.  I made some errors first time around but that taught me not to do them on all the subsequent quilts I have made and sold or gifted.  It has been sitting in the closet for months begging to be completed.  Always on the back of my mind.  I might have finished it earlier if not for the kitchen painting and tiling and deck staining that has been occupying my time.

But I am one who hates to leave a project unfinished no matter how long ago I started it.  I had finished free motion quilting it on Wednesday night and all that was left was to trim and bind.  Not a whole lot of work, but it my current condition, I am amazed I got it done.

Pardon the cat climbing under the left corner.

And ignore the lump from the cat hiding under the quilt.

And ignore the cat at the bottom of the quilt trying to climb it.


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Last night while the quilt was in the wash, I decided to whip up some little pillows for Victoria to match her Tinkerbell quilt with the left over fabric.  They are 10″ x 10″ and the perfect size for a two year old. I sewed them together with polyester batting and then stuffed them full of fluffy poly stuffing. I love how cute and Tinkerlicious they are!



And here is the quilt.  I used the Warm and Natural cotton batting, 100% cotton Licensed by Disney for Springs Creative Group fabric and of course cotton thread.  I chose a large stripe design to showcase how beautiful this fabric is and I did not want small pieces to take away from the overall pattern on the fabric and have Tink’s body all chopped up.  The quilting is horizontal lines and will make the quilt very durable to the use and abuse of a toddler.   The backing is from the same line and quotes the following lines from Tinkerbell.

“Second star to the right and straight on till morning… all it takes is faith and trust, oh! and something I forgot: dust..”

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WIP Wednesday


As the end of my 4th quilt since March – The Tinkerbell – is here, I am filled with emotions I never expected when I began this journey.  Finishing and delivering 2 quilts in less than a week has somehow made me feel empty.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I am not saying my life is empty.  The Mr and the kitties and the rest of my family are what I live for and they fill me with more joy everyday, but there is a little empty now where the quilts used to be.  They have left me for their new homes and hopefully to be enjoyed for many years.

To fill this empty, I need more projects.  Here is what I have come up with:

  • 2 throw pillows for the Mr’s mom – thinking something like Amy Butler‘s Hourglass Pillows
  • Covered kitty bed with removable washable pillow for Mom’s Maine coons
  • Beach bag
  • Wallet
  • Baby Quilt
  • Amy Butler’s Lotus Quilt 

The only bad thing about this is I am on a fabric buying freeze for a little while.  I get to make the Amy Butler patterns, just not with her fabric.  The Mr. has kaibashed me in buying fabric for a little while as we just purchased a new floor, a new used car for me and a new SEWING MACHINE for me.  At least I have close to 300 meters of fabric to work with until I am allowed to buy again and moving from a 40 yr old machine with cams to a computerized machine will take a little getting used to.

Happy Hump Day Everyone.  The weekend is just around the corner.

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Another One Bites the Dust!

My 3rd quilt since March – Tork’s Rail Fence – is finally done!  Wow!  What a lot of work and to think I did it on my 40-year-old Sears Kenmore (Kenny) Zigzag machine.  I am rather proud of myself and I have learned even more than I expected during this process.

I used 100% cotton Heritage Quilting fabric on the front and back.  The batting is 100% cotton as well.  It is the Warm and White needled cotton batting.  The thread, it is also 100% cotton.  I guess what I am saying is this chock full of natural goodness!

Tork, I hope you enjoy this quilt.


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Hollywood Throw Pillow

I made two of these little pillows about a month ago out of this retro art deco fabric called “Hollywood” by Alexander Henry.  I used a 15″ pillow form inside and have made the pillow case removable for washing by making it like an envelope with snaps to hold it closed.  They make a lovely addition to my livingroom sofa.







The kitten -as always -was quite helpful and insisted he hold the fabric in place while I cut it by sitting in the sewing waste basket! 

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Quilt Spray Adhesive

Here is what  purchased :

505 Temporary Adhesive Spray

This temporary, repositionable, fabric adhesive is used to temporarily bond fabric. Odorless and colorless, it gives off no mist, and does not gum sewing needles. Use for machine applique, quilting, basting, holding fabric to stabilizers in machine embroidery and hemming. 505 Spray and Fix, a temporary fabric adhesive, orderless, colorless, stainless, spotless, does not gum needles, no CFC, acid free.


  1. Protect work surface with disposable paper.
  2. Shake 505 Spray & Fix can before using.
  3. Hold can 12 in. / 30 cm. from fabric surface.
  4. Always spray 505 Spray& Fix on the wrong side of the smaller fabric piece to be glued.
  5. A light spray of 505 Spray& Fix is sufficient. A little goes a long way.
  6. Using your hand, press firmly in place to secure the piece to the larger fabric.
  7. A misaligned piece may be removed and repositioned several times for 15 to 20 minutes after spraying.
  8. Machine sew in place as usual.
  9. Cleanup with soap and water.
  10. Read label on can for storage, disposal, and first aid.
  11. Test on all fabrics before using.

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