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I have been a bad blogger.  I apologize.  I have been following through with my goal of feelings, I just haven’t posted about it.  I have finally allowed myself to grieve and cry over the loss of my Opa.  I have learned that I can still cry and be strong and that in itself is a wonderful realization.

I have been busy though.  I have been sewing. I bought myself a Kobo e-reader and am reading a lot again.  Both of my cats are making sure I spend ample quality time with them and the home renovation saga continues.  Kitchen tiles need the grouting completed, ceiling and walls need painting and wallpaper accent wall needs to get done.  Oh, and the trim needs painting too.  And this is only in the kitchen!

I have been to the doctor and tested negative for Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis, but I now need to see a Rheumatologist to figure out what is causing the pain flare-ups.  Good and bad news right?

But now, it’s time for bed.  Hope you all have a peaceful evening and I promise to try to post more often and promise to post pictures soon of my projects.  Some are gifts and I can’t post until they are received!

In the words of a dear blogger friend, Bee Well.



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Kitty Couch

It’s been a great week for me. My mood is good. I have more energy than normal and I have reacquainted myself with my sewing machine!

My parents are winter Texans and last year they brought home meters upon meters if fabric for me with a simple request of making a bed for one of their cats. Almost a year has passed and this past week I have fulfilled their request.
Buster, and his sister Dusty are Maine
Coons. Dusty is an average size cat. Buster, well, he is 25 pounds and is 42 inches long and is NOT overweight. Here they are laying on a kitty quilt I made them in the summer.


I decided not to make a typical cat bed as Buster is not a typical cat. I found and purchased the pattern and followed the directions to the most part. It called for lining to hold the foam beads used in bean bag chairs. I will not use lining again for this. The static between the two is horrible and the lining is annoying to work with. Inexpensive broadcloth would have worked much better. Here are the insides. The outer fabric is removable for washing and all the pieces are held together with 2 inch strips of Velcro.


And here is the finished product already being used by my little munchkin!


The bed is 2.5 feet long and is 8 inches off the floor. I am definately making another one and know what minor changes in the pattern to make it easier to put together. Buster, hope you like it but until you get home in 3 weeks, Binky is going to test it out for you!

Day 17 of 39


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Kitchen Renovation Part 1

The Mr. and I decided to update our kitchen this past weekend.  We purchased some beautiful glass and natural stone tiles and give our kitchen a backsplash.









After, but prior to grout:










I still have to paint and then wallpaper one wall on the other side of the kitchen/dining room but that will get done eventually.


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Fence Cleaning

Last night began the epic summer home improvement project. Fence cleaning. Yes, you read correctly. Yes, I am a little crazy! I have wanted to do this since we moved in 3 years ago but was a bit skeptical about the results. My next door neighbours who are in their late 60’s decided to wash their fence and I was sold. If they can do it in 2 weeks, why can’t I? To clean a fence, you need a couple scrub brushes, running water, a bucket and some Behr Premium 2 in 1 Wood Cleaner.  There are a couple spots that will need touch ups, but look at how incredible the clean right side looks compared to the grimy dirty left side.  Just WOW!


My goal is to complete this side by the weekend so we can stain it the same time as the neighbours to prevent drips from forming on either side of the fence. All this while my tendinitis in my wrist is acting up. What? Tendinitis at 36? Surely you must think I am joking. Nope. Been that way since I was 18 and suffered a hairline fracture in my right wrist that was misdiagnosed as a sprain or so I am told now. Either way, it hurts and when it flares up, I need to wear a wrist brace. Did I mention I am right handed?

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Rail Fence Tutorial

A Rail Fence quilt is a fairly easy quilt to make albeit a very time-consuming one, or at least for me it was.  This particular quilt took me 7 weeks to make however, I do have a full-time day job and most of the sewing was done between 8-10 at night and on Friday nights when the Mr. went out with the boys and every Saturday night a sporting event was on TV that he wanted to watch.  I am sure if I had more time during the day, it would have been a faster process.

This is my first tutorial so I hope it reads well and is easily understandable to the beginners out there.

After washing and pressing the fabric, I cut out 2.5″ stripes the width (42-44″) of the fabric.  For one complete 12″ square, you need 26″ of each colour you are using. Sew each colour together using a 1/4″ seam and press the seams towards the darker colours.  At this point, I ended up with a 6.5″ x 44″ strip of fabric.

Next, cut your strip every 6.5″.  You can do this in layers of 3 to cut back on the time it takes to cut out. 

You will end up with blocks like these.  I had 192 of them to cut out.  My rotary cutter would have gone on strike with all the cutting if it could. 

After all your strips of fabric are cut into the 6.5″ blocks, you can begin sewing the blocks together.  remember to maintain your 1/4″ seams as accurately as possible so you get a proper 12″ square.  I sewed half of my 192 blocks together as below:  And then I sewed the other half like this.

 Then, I lined up and pinned the 2 halves together to make my first completed 12″ block.  Your dimensions at this point should be 12.5 x 12.5

Once you have all your finished blocks, you can begin to sew them together.  As the quilt I made was 6 x 8, I sewed them in sections of 3 across and then joined each strip of 3 to another until they were 3 x 4 or 1/4 of the finished quit top.  Once all 4 quarters were complete, I matched the seams, pinned and sewed them all into one piece.

Next, I made the backing which I forgot to take a picture of, taped it to the floor with green painters tape to keep it taut.  I layed down the batting Warm & White), put the quilt top on and then basted it every 4 inches using large safety pins.  The recipient of this quilt had 2 requests for me.  #1 – Simple stitching, nothing too fancy.  I ended up ditch stitching on each 4″ block.  Turned out quite well.  I took the time to make sure all my blocks were lined up and I think I only had a couple that were off by a millimeter or to.  I was quite obsessive about this!  Request # 2, no label.  So, I signed my name and quilt details on the edge of the quilt where the binding would cover it up.  Once this was all complete, I sewed on the binding.  I used a zigzag stitch just to be different and I loved the look so much that I zigzagged the binding on another quilt as well.  When everything was all said and done, I washed and dried it, rolled it up, tied it with a ribbon and delivered to the happy recipient.

Here is the finished product.  Generally, a typical rail fence has a border of each colour around it.  I obviously did not do this due to the vast size of this puppy and I think it looks pretty darn good as is.  


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Well, we did it. We finished installing the floor. All we have left to do is buy quarter-round and nail it in. That will happen in Thursday when we both have the day off.
Tonight, we are going to watch the season opener of True Blood on HBO and go to bed early. We are exhausted!
An no sewing this weekend. Sigh!


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The Floor Must Go On

The Mr and i have taken on a project that made me wonder if we had gone a litte nutty. Our existing floor in dark chocolate was the lemon so to speak and was replaced under warranty. The catch? Labour not included but for the low price of $1300, we could get someone to install it for us. We laughed and decided to do it ourselves since we have all the tools. Eight hours later and some frustration ensued. Here is our progress! I laugh!


We are running out to get groceries and some breakfast before continuing with the floor. We have just shy of 500sf to do. I would so rather be sewing anything or quilting or drinking lemonade in the back yard than doing this. Homeownership does have its advantages right?
Enjoy your weekend.

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Tork’s Rail Fence Quilt

All the cutting for Tork’s rail fence quilt it finally done and this weekend provided the perfect weather to begin the laborious task of matching then sewing and then back to matching pieces together. The blanket dimensions will be 6×8 feet when completed. Here is the 1st quarter completed.


So, this is quite the time consuming quilt but I really don’t mind. It’s the ironing of the seams that take the longest. There are 48 x 1 foot squares. Each one foot square has four 6 inch squares. Each 6 inch square has three 2 x 6 inch stripes.

I have now completed 30 x 1 foot squares. The top is almost 3/4 done.


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