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Fence Cleaning

Last night began the epic summer home improvement project. Fence cleaning. Yes, you read correctly. Yes, I am a little crazy! I have wanted to do this since we moved in 3 years ago but was a bit skeptical about the results. My next door neighbours who are in their late 60’s decided to wash their fence and I was sold. If they can do it in 2 weeks, why can’t I? To clean a fence, you need a couple scrub brushes, running water, a bucket and some Behr Premium 2 in 1 Wood Cleaner.  There are a couple spots that will need touch ups, but look at how incredible the clean right side looks compared to the grimy dirty left side.  Just WOW!


My goal is to complete this side by the weekend so we can stain it the same time as the neighbours to prevent drips from forming on either side of the fence. All this while my tendinitis in my wrist is acting up. What? Tendinitis at 36? Surely you must think I am joking. Nope. Been that way since I was 18 and suffered a hairline fracture in my right wrist that was misdiagnosed as a sprain or so I am told now. Either way, it hurts and when it flares up, I need to wear a wrist brace. Did I mention I am right handed?


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