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My week in a nutshell and FSNI results

Ok.  So I forgot it was Friday and I forgot it was the Friday for the Friday Night Sew-In.  It has been a whirlwind rollercoaster ride the past 6 days.  Six days ago I found out my Mom has a brain and lung tumor and was having emergency brain surgery to remove the tumor.  Her health is very good aside from this.  The Head of Neurology was going to do the surgery and assured my parents he has removed hundreds of these types and that there was an almost perfect success rate.I decided I needed to make her a quilt.  I had some jelly rolls so I thought a simple lap size line quilt would be perfect.  The Mr. convinced me to make it big.  I didn’t have enough backing for a large quilt, so I rushed off to Walmart and purchased a 300 thread count flat king sheet.  I got this far prior to the surgery.  Its sitting on my queen size bed.  It will be approximately 65 x 80 inches or thereabout.

Mom had her surgery on Wednesday. I was and still am in shock.  Stunned. Scared.  It’s not something that is easy to process and I can’t imagine how it has been for her.  Lucikly, the tumor was not in her brain.  Only pushing against it.  The surgery took 1 hour and 45 minutes in total.  Twenty-four hours after the surgery, she was up walking and climbing stairs.  Assisted by her Physio Therapist of course, but mobile so fast.  Mom wa discharged today.  Discharged 48 hours after having brain surgery.  I am in awe at the level of care she received and how great she is doing.  She has definately exceeded my expectations.  My mom is my hero.  The strongest person I know.   Tonight, I managed to free motion half the quilt.  I wanted to present it to her tomorrow.  She knows about.  She will just have to wait another couple days for me to complete it.

I love you mom!

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WIP Wednesday

I’m back with my weekly WIP.

Here is my list.  I feel as though I have made some decent progress.  I am still hopeful that I will get the 5 quilts done by Christmas and I have booked a day off work (I have 14 days to take this year still) to dedicate to sewing.  It will be a happy day!

  • Quilt 1 – Splash – Fabric has been cut for the border and will be sewn on in the next couple days.  Still need to cut the back  but since it is a solid and the same colour as the border, this will be fast.
  • Quilt 2 – The Un-named Enigma.  I cannot figure out a name for this one.  The border is sewn on and i need to do the backing, then pin and FMQ.  Can anyone help with a name?
  • Quilt 3 – Sophisti-Pink  – This one is almost all done.  It just needs the binding and then a wash and dry!
  • Quilt 4 – Bought the fabric at 50% off!  Score!!  I bought soo much that I can actually make 2 with this colour.  It’s a blue and white gingham with a matching solid blue.  YAY!
  • Quilt 5 – same fabric – different pattern as #4 perhaps
  • Kitty Quilts
  • Covered Kitty Bed
  • Quilt 6 – if time permits before Christmas
  • Quilt 7 – if time permits before Christmas
  • Beach Bag
  • Wallet
  • Sleep masks

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The Big Quilt Project – Update

It’s been a while since my last post and I thought you all deserved an update on my progress.  I am behind schedule.  I was hoping to have at least 2 completely done by now and good progress on the third.  I have 14 vacation days to use this year still, so I am thinking of taking one or two days just to get caught up on my projects.

  • Quilt # 1 – Splash – Need to cut and attach the border, then quilt
  • Quilt # 2 – Unnamed – Need to cut and attach the border, then quilt.  It’s the picture on the left when you click the link – Help me name it!
  • Quilt # 3 – Sophisti-Pink – This has been quilted!  Just need to to the border and voila!
  • Quilt # 4 – Unnamed – Bought some really nice solid blue and blue gingham for 50% off and I have the pattern seleted
  • Quilt # 5 – Unnamed – Need to buy fabric still

I have FMQ’d the Sophisti-Pink and being I have only done this on kitty blankets, I found it rather challenging.  I know all my stitches are not perfect but I still think it looks pretty great.  The recipient will like and enjoy it and thats all that matters.  I think I am moving the fabric to fast.  The other issue is the weight and size made it hard for me to move it around easily.  I folded it.  I rolled it. I could just not get it to groove the way I wanted it to.  Does anyone have any tips that work well for them?



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WIP Wednesday on Thursday

Ok.  So I am a date late in posting my WIP.  I really didn’t realize that yesterday was Wednesday and then Thursday just popped out of nowhere and slapped me in the face!  Sewing has been slow for me the past little while.  I was working overtime and then my Grandfather passed away.  I needed to take some time for me.  Now, I am back in business and between yoga, swimming and exercising, oh ya and work, I vow to find time to blog and sew again. Train rides home from work sound like an ideal blog time.

Here is my list.  Not much has been completed since I last posted though.  I am still hopeful that I will get the 5 quilts done by Christmas.  Oi vey…

* Quilt 1 – Splash – just need to sew on the border
* Quilt 2 – Unnamed still – just need to sew on the border
* Quilt 3 – Pink Passion – backing and batting all ready. Hoping to pin all 3 layers together tonight and maybe even start FMQ-ing it, but I can do that tomorrow night for my Friday Night Sew-In!
* Quilt 4 – no clue yet
* Quilt 5 – no clue yet
* Covered Kitty Bed
* Quilt 6 – if time permits before Christmas
* Quilt 7 – if time permits before Christmas
* Beach Bag
* Wallet
* Sleep masks

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That Darn Cat…Again!

I am making a little thank you kitty quilt for a lady who keeps buying items from me. She has 3 cats that she refers to as her children and I think she will excited to receive this.
I decided this was also a good practice piece for free motion quilting.

Binks decided to check out my progress and see if I was doing it correct.


After the inspection of my stitching techniques, he decided to give it a test run.


How can I get anything done when he is being so adorable?


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