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FNSI vs Heat Exhaustion/Dehydration

My Friday Night Sew-In got trumped by me ending up with heat exhaustion or dehydration or a bit of both.  I had a very busy week at work with extra responsibilities all around as my boss was off work all week due to a death in the family.  I was more than happy to help out during this time.

Aside from my daily accounting duties, the extra duties I picked up and programming a new help desk – oh and training a new staff member – I think the issues started on Wednesday.  I did not follow my advise very well on taking breaks and I know I didn’t have as much to drink as I normally do.

I left work early on Wednesday to make the almost 2 hour drive to the wake to support my boss and his family.  I forgot to bring water on my trip and less than 10 minutes from my destination while stopped at a red light, I was rear-ended.  I went to the wake, then the collision reporting center  and was told I have to come back as the accident was on the border of 2 towns and I had to go to the other center that was closed.  By this time, it was after 10pm.  I didn’t have dinner or anything to drink for at least a half a day.  Did I mention it was 40 C (104 F) outside with the humidity?

Thursday, I made the same trip to the funeral, then to the collision reporting center and then to a visit with my Grandparents who don’t have air conditioning.  Thursday was 48 C (118 F) and although I drank water, I was in and out all day.

Friday, I was back to my normal routine but the air conditioning at the office was having a real hard time keeping up and we all were sweltering in the heat.  That evening I planned to participate in the Friday Night Sew-In and have a nice relaxing night in after a week of insanity.  I set everything up, basted the quilt I was going to quilt and noticed I was beginning to feel off.  I was so thirsty.  I was sweating a storm in the air-conditioned house and began to feel dizzy, nauseous, light-headed and super weak.  I gave up on trying to sew, grabbed a Gatorade and watched Despicable Me. 

Saturday, I was no better.  I ended up drinking about 7 bottles of water, took multiple naps and had to force myself to eat soup for needed nourishment.  By Sunday, I was almost recovered however, I was still incredibly thirsty and drank water like it was going out of style.

Today I am still thirsty and somewhat tired.  I have had my 2+ litres of water and have definitely learned my lesson.  No matter how hectic your day is, make sure you take breaks and keep hydrated in this weather.



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Friday Night Sew-In

Geez! I almost missed this month’s sign-up for the Friday Night Sew-In. This week has just flown by and with a funeral, a car accident (yes, you read correct – my new car and I were rear-ended at a red light), a visit to the police, mutiple calls to the insurance company, chasing butterflies and a nice visit with the Grandparents I have no idea how I remembered this.

Tonight, I plan on quilting the Sugar and Spice. I was going to free motion it, however I have changed my mind and will do boxes and straight lines to match the fabric layout.

I think the kitten might get other ideas about how I am to spend my time though….



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FSNI Results


On my Friday Night Sew In, I made these pillow fronts for the Mr’s mom.  When I originally purchased this fabric, I loved the design.  Now, not so much.  At least I can use most of it to make some pillows. 

These took me much longer than I expected (sounds like the story of all my projects), but I had to set up my new sewing machine and learn how to use it.  Hah!  That part is still going on.  All I learned was how to thread it, load the bobbin and sew a straight line.  There is going to be a learning curve with this puppy!

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Friday Night Sew-In

This Friday is the Mr’s guys night out and my girls night in.  A night where I get to do what I want.  No cleaning.  No cooking.  No laundry.  A few hours to myself where I can be completely selfish and indulgent in whatever I want with not one regret.

I know it is only Monday and I am already wishing the weekend was here but on my lunch today, I came across this funky idea and thought what better way to learn and interact than from other sewers as well.  This is all about connecting with others and learning what you can while having some fun doing something you enjoy.

The Tinkerbell will be done by Wednesday.  I have plans brewing in my brain on a baby quilt as my next project made out of this lovely charm pack I picked up along the way.  I am participating in a Friday Night Sew-In and will begin my 5th quilt of the year!

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