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Out with the old, in with the new

This is Kenny. Kenny is my 40 year old Sears Kenmore Zigzag machine. Kenney has been an awesome machine but was limited as to what he could do and has moved into retirement in the sewing room closet.

Kenny has a lot of stitches you can chose from however to access them you need to open him up and change his “cams” to get to them.

This is my new Janome.  I have no idea how to use it yet and no idea what to name it.  Sewing will be slow until I figure this one out. 

I have never used a computerized machine before.  All the sewing I have done is on Kenny who is older than me.  It’s all so new and dreamy and complicated all at once but I am sure I will love it once I have it figured out.  Anyone have ideas on how to name a sewing machine?



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Backyard Quilting

It’s the last few hours before the weekend begins and I am chock full of conflict on how to spend my glorious two days off work.

This weekend, my local overpriced fabric store has a members save 50% sale and of course I am a member. I will be visiting them on my way home from work tonight. 🙂

I discovered a sewing store about 20 minutes from home that is having a one day sale on Janome sewing machines where you can save up to 75%. They also are having a sale on Amy Butler fabric. How can I not go to this event?

But the real conflict is spending time outside on the patio enjoying the weather or sewing. It would be a dream to do both! Move the Kenny (my sewing machine) outside and stitch away. I have the perfect place. Under the umbrella sitting at the patio table. We have the extension cords and outdoor electrical outlets. It could be done. The table is large enough that I could cut fabric for my next design being that the rail fence and the Tinkerbell are on the last stages of completion.

Or is this just a pipe dream? Is quilting in your backyard a feasible option?

What do you think?

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