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Where does the day go?

I feel as though I am letting my blog and its few readers down.  I am not doing it on purpose.  I am just having a problem balancing my time.  I commit 12 hours a day to work and commuting to/from work.  I like to get 7 hours of sleep a night.  This leaves me 5 hours left in a day to go to yoga, make dinner and next days lunch, sew, tidy my house, play with the increasingly demanging furry monsters err, kitties and try to spend some quality time with the MR.

I have many things I want to discuss and links to add and tips and techniques and tutorials to enter but I seemingly have lost time.  Today, I sit here at work with my sandwich in one hand and typing away with the other just to get this note out.  If anyone out there can give me suggestions on how to make it all work, I am all ears.


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