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Jungle Flower Messenger Bag

So my next door neighbour turned 7 years old last month.  Calie is a pretty smart little kid with a growing sense of humour as she ages.  I made this bag for her as birthday present.

The bright flowery fabric is your standard run of the mill 100% craft cotton.  LOVE the brightness of this.  It is on the front flap, the lining inside and as a trim for the back pocket.  The black is a medium weight cotton twill.  I chose black for the dirt factor that children inevitably get into somehow.  There is a large pocket inside with a button to keep everything in its place.  As this was for a 7 yr old, I chose not to add a change pocket and did not see a need for a cell phone pocket.  The strap is adjustable and has rivets attaching it to the bag for extra strength.


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