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WIP Wednesday

My new updated Wednesday WIP/Project List.  As you can see, it has grown to an insane level.  Teach me for agreeing to get 5-7 quilts done before Christmas.  Does anyone have some easy and quick patterns they could recommend?  I plan on making at least 2 of the quilts out of some Moda Jelly Rolls that I currently have.

* Finish binding on the Sugar and Spice Quilt
* Covered kitty bed with removable washable pillow for Mom’s Maine Coon Kitties
* Quilt 1
* Quilt 2
* Quilt 3
* Quilt 4
* Quilt 5
* Quilt 6 – if time permits before Christmas
* Quilt 7 – if time permits before Christmas
* Beach Bag
* Wallet
* Sleep masks ’cause our bedroom faces south and having 2 cats, closed blinds and an open window at night doesn’t mix. They make sooo much noise climbing behind them so we are sleeping with them partially open.

This will be me by Christmas…


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Weekend Plans

My Moda Hullabaloo fabric arrived for the newly commissioned baby quilt. It is so soft and I just love the polka dots but I don’t think I will be able to do any sewing on it this weekend.  😦 I need to finish the pillows for the Mr.’s mom tonight so we can give them to her on the long weekend and do some new fabric laundry.  Then I need to turn the sewing room back into a guest room temporarily

Saturday my neice who just turned 18 and her boyfriend are spending the day in Niagara Falls (Canadian side) and then heading over for a BBQ dinner and spending the night.  I can’t believe she is 18 now and starting college in the fall.  Time flies so fast. I remember when she was 8 and we would spend Saturday nights making crafts together and baking.

Here they are!  I stole the picture from her Facebook page!  This was one of the many pre-prom pics taken by her parents.


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