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To Spray or not to Spray

As I approach the end of the Rail Fence, my brain is becoming a bit anxious about quilting it. This quilt is immense.   The finished dimensions will be 6 x 8 feet.  I have read a lot of quilting articles on the net recently and am surprised at the amount of people using spray adhesives to aid in holding all layers together (along with pins) to ensure the layers don’t slip and slide and throw off your design.

I am generally an anti-chemical use kind of person.  The more natural for me the better but I am very interested in this and actually went out and bought a can of 505 Temporary Adhesive Spray.  What I like best about this product (so they advertise) is that it can be washed out.  Hallelujah!  Chemicals be gone.  I cast you out in the wash! 

 I am crossing my fingers and toes that it is as easy to use as it sounds and will let you all know over the weekend.


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Busy Week Ahead

Happy Monday Everyone.  I am heading into month end at work and anyone who works within accounting knows how stressful and busy a time this can be.  I am having some issues figuring out how I want to quilt the Tinkerbell and have actually picked out the work I did over the weekend as I was not satisfied with it.  It is now repressed, re-pinned and hanging over the banister railing waiting for me to give it another go.

I have been drawn to this one particular blog though –Fairy Face Designs –  over the past month or so and now think I have found the way to quilt it.  I will be sewing horizontal lines one inch apart to achieve a design very similar to her Sophie’s Dreams Quilt that is absolutely beautiful – both the fabric and stitching.  Maybe I just needed to see the quilting I had in mind on a completed quilt.  I can only hope mine turns out just as nice.

The weekend was not all a waste though.  Aside from the normal routine of grocery shopping, house cleaning and going to the movies with the MR., I made some amazing progress on the Rail Fence for Tork and will have it completed and quilted by this weekend.  I did discover however, that I cannot count!  I am 6 squares short of my 48 that I counted multiple times and I swear I had the right number.  I don’t really consider this a set back though.  I will have them completed before bed tonight and sewn together with the final 1/4 panel.  Quilting this one will be a much easier task.  I have already decided to “ditch-stitch” it following the 6 inch square lines.  I think this will look great.

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