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#BoycottBiyadhoo in the Maldives

A friend who vacationed on Biyadhoo Island in the Maldives this past December encountered the abuse of animals.  Her snippet of paradise was turned into a vacation in Hell.  It was discovered that friendly cats and kittens were intentionally having limbs broken and being sent to neighbouring Villivaru Island.  An island that would have little to no fresh water or food available for these animals to survive causing them to potentially starve to death.

Here is the link to her story #BoycottBiyadhoo and to the petition she started Rescue-blue-from-an-agonizing-death.

Below is her story:

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I did it all for Luigi!

I have been fortunate enough to meet some awesome people via Facebook and develop a friendship with them. This one family is a hoot. They are kind wholesome fun people. People who volunteer during various events held within their city, people who participate in many runs and rides to raise money for cancer research and other causes. People who put others in front of themselves to provide accommodation for family members who lost their home in a natural disaster and who respond to strangers in need. People who foster animals when they can and who assist in trapping stray cats to spay/neuter to prevent cat overpopulation and unnecessary euthanasia.

Luigi is a ten year old Italian Greyhound (IG). He began his life in a puppy mill. As he matured, he became a stud in that same puppy mill. He lived in a cage mating with females living in the same terrible conditions that he was subjected to. Producing puppies after puppies in deplorable conditions so some individual could make money while all these dogs were unloved and neglected.

After spending five years as a stud, Luigi was auctioned off for $ 5.00 to an Italian Greyhound rescue and then found his way into the loving arms of this one family. Luigi had a lot to learn. He never set foot on grass prior to being rescued. He had severe trust issues. He lost the majority of his teeth from malnourishment and neglect in the puppy mill.  He was a mess understandably.  Luigi has since learned to trust.  He has learned to run and play and have fun, but most importantly, he has learned what love is.

I was told that Luigi does not handle cold weather very well and that this is very common with Italian Greyhounds.  I decided to help with that.  I made Luigi some winter clothes and mailed them to him a few months ago.  He deserves them and so much more after having such a rough start in life.  He loves them.  And that makes me happy.

Cheers to you Luigi!

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