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They are finally engaged!!

It finally happened! My brother finally took the plunge and proposed today to his girlfriend of 7 years and of course she said YES!

I have known about it since the day he put the deposit on the diamond. He called me all excited and emailed me a picture. It was a beautiful rock, but only a rock 2 months ago waiting to be set in its ring.

We discussed a few ideas in how to do it – like I know being common-law for 11 years and all – and forbade him from dropping the ring in a flute of champagne. That is so 80’s and not her!

He then phoned me about 2 weeks ago saying he finished paying for it and had picked up the ring and was going to propose today while on vacation in cottage country with the assistance of the resort they are staying at.

I don’t know all the details other than she cried and said YES and was surprised he could keep a secret and sent me a text message at 4:46 telling me all this!

The funniest thing about this is at Easter dinner my 80 year old grandfather was chiding my brother about getting married already and little did anyone know but me and the MR. that the plan was already in motion!

Congratulations to my dear brother and sister-in-law (to be). I love you both very much and am super happy for you. Hey! Do you remember those days as kids where I used to tell you I always wanted a sister? You’re in the process of making it happen!

I think I smell a new quilt in the air.



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9 Patch Wedding Quilt Gift

One of my colleagues is getting married this May and I thought what better gift than something homemade that will be used to keep warm on a cold wintery day.  Ok, so the happy couple might not be able to use it right away but it will be ready for them when the dreaded winter season hits us again.

This is a simple 9 -patch quilt made from 1oo% cotton fabric.  The batting is mid-weight cotton/poly blend that will provide plenty of warmth during the cold months.  I have quilted it using a large diamond pattern.  For my first 9 patch, I am quite happy with the results and am sure the to be married couple will be as well.

Congratulations CL and MB.  Hope it keeps you cozy and warm.


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