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Sunday, Lazy Sunday

Yesterday, the Mr. and I rented a power washer to get the fence all cleaned up. Somehow, I ended up using it for 4 hours and he for 1. Today, every muscle in my arms hurt not to mention my bad wrist.
Today, we decided to be lazy. With the humidex bringing the temperature to hover around 40C (102F), we stayed inside most of the day watching movies.
I did get some of the embroidery done on the quilt.


And I managed to spend some time outside!





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Thank God its Friday and the weekend is finally upon us. Not that I should really be complaining as I did only work 3 days this week and with an obscene amount of vacation days this year why wouldn’t I take advantage of having short weeks and extra long weekends now and again.

I have discovered I can post from my iPhone now and it is quite easy. Not sure why I didn’t think of looking into that before. Perhaps since I am still new a smart phone it didn’t dawn on me earlier. Perhaps I had a complete brain fart or those drinks I had last weekend killed that particular brain cell that was responsible for thinking of this. And the best part is that I can either post right away or save to a draft and fix up later. My brain is going to be able to ramble away until there is nothing going on inside of it and that will take a long time!

In have to apologize to my readers. I am in the process of looking for a better Theme to use. I originally had Garland but thought it was rather blah. I changed it late last night without really looking at results. I will ensure it looks all nice and pretty this weekend. I think I like this new one so far.

Tonight is the MR’s guys night out. I get the whole house to myself. No one asking me what I am doing or who I am sewing for or asking me to put it aside to watch a movie with him. I understand his motives. He wants to spend time with me. It’s nice and he is very supportive of my hobby. I just have 2 quilts on the go for people who have paid a deposit and are anxiously waiting for them. Can’t blame me for wanting to finish them and get paid! So, when I finally get off this smelly train and get home, I am going to have a Caesar or 2 and some dinner and quilt away the night. I should be able to easily finish the Tinkerbell!

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